The International Nepenthes Grex Registry

In addition to photographic descriptions of the grex and parent plants, each grex page contains information about the grex derivation, breeder, registrant, and pollination & registration dates. When available, links to the originating nurseries/breeders are also given.

Search the INGR using Google Custom Search below. Be sure to see our Advanced Search Functions, or use the Grex Catalog below organized by grex name, breeder, or pollination & registration dates.

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Advanced Search Functions:

You can use the following operators to narrow your search results. Please enclose the entire search term in quotes. Note that there is no space before or after the equals sign (=) in each operator:

Example: If you enter the word truncata into the search box above, your query will return all greges with truncata as a female or male parent. However, if you want to limit your search results to only those greges with truncata as a male parent, enter the following in the search box:


Some more tips on using our advanced search features:

Search by grex name. Example: "grexname=alien"
femaleparent=, maleparent=
You can search by a parent plant's full derivation (e.g., "femaleparent=merrilliana x truncata" or, if the parent plant is from a registered grex, by grex name (e.g., "maleparent=Caesar").
breeder=, registrant=
Search by full name or any part of a name, or by nursery. Keep in mind that the registrant is not always the person who bred the plant.
pollinationyear=, registrationyear=
Search by the 4-digit year of pollination or registration. Example: "registrationyear=2008"
pollinationmonth=, registrationmonth=
Search by the month of pollination or registration. Use the full month name, the 3-letter abbreviation, or the month's numeric form. For example, the following four search terms will allow you to find all greges that were originally pollinated in the month of August:
  • "pollinationmonth=august"
  • "pollinationmonth=aug"
  • "pollinationmonth=08"
  • "pollinationmonth=8"
Search by a grex's current status in the INGR system. Currently,the following statuses are in use:
Pending Review
A grex registration application has been received by the Board of the Registry and is under review.
The grex application has met all the requirements for registration, has been approved by the Board of the Registry, and is now fully registered.
The grex registration application is disputed because it does not satisfy one or more rules of the registry. In some case, disputes may be resolved by additional information supplied by the registrant.