The International Nepenthes Grex Registry

N. Sunset Songs ((smilesii x maxima) x ventricosa)

Grex Data

  • Female parent: N. Splendid Diana (smilesii x maxima)
  • Male parent: N. ventricosa
  • Breeder: Nick [missing surname] (female parent) & Hawken Carlton (male parent)
  • Registrant: Hawken Carlton
  • Pollination date: 2012-5
  • Sow date: 2012-8
  • Submitted for Registration: 2015-5-26
  • Status: Pending review
  • Notes:
    • If you are the female plant grower, please contact the registry so that we may update our records with your missing information.

grexname=Sunset Songs femaleparent=smilesii x maxima femaleparent=splendiana femaleparent=splendid diana femaleparent=kampotiana x maxima maleparent=ventricosa breeder=carlton breeder=hawken carlton breeder=nick registrant=carlton registrant=hawken carlton pollinationyear=2012 pollinationmonth=05 pollinationmonth=5 pollinationmonth=may registrationyear=2015 registrationmonth=may registrationmonth=05 registrationmonth=5 status=pending review
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Grex Description

  • N. Sunset Songs
  • N. Sunset Songs
  • N. Sunset Songs
  • N. Sunset Songs
  • N. Sunset Songs
  • N. Sunset Songs

Female Parent Description

  • These photos are of a typical female N. splendiana. No photos were available from the breeder.
  • N. smilesii x maxima
  • N. smilesii x maxima

Male Parent Description

  • N. ventricosa