The International Nepenthes Grex Registry

N. Miss Stephanie (eymae x (jacquelineae x izumiae?))

Grex Data

  • Female parent: N. eymae
  • Male parent: N. jacquelineae x izumiae?
  • Breeder: Joel Stern, Nepenthes Around The House
  • Registrant: Joel Stern, Nepenthes Around The House
  • Pollination date: 2009-10
  • Registration date: 2014-11-24
  • Status: Pending review
  • Notes:
    • The breeder purchased the female parent from the CP Jungle in March 2002. It most likely comes from Exotica Plants, as the CP Jungle was selling Exotica stock and there was no other source of N. eymae at that time. Even by the time of this registration, the breeder's plant has still not produced any lower pitchers. It may be Exotica's eymae (b).

    • The male parent was purchased from Tony Paroubek of Exotic Plants Plus in April 2005. To the breeder's best recollection, this plant originated from wild collected N. jacquelineae seed, and the male parent was believed to be N. izumiae.

    • Pollination date is approximate. Seed were originally distributed to several growers.

grexname=Miss Stephanie femaleparent=eymae maleparent=(jacquelineae x izumiae?) breeder=Stern breeder=Joel Stern registrant=Stern registrant=Joel Stern pollinationyear=2009 pollinationmonth=10 pollinationmonth=october pollinationmonth=oct registrationyear=2014 registrationmonth=11 registrationmonth=november registrationmonth=nov status=pending review
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