The International Nepenthes Grex Registry

N. Maka'ula (alata x reinwardtiana)

Grex Data

grexname=maka'ula grexname=makaula femaleparent=alata maleparent=reinwardtiana breeder=samuel o estes jr breeder=samuel estes breeder=sam estes breeder=estes breeder=leilani nepenthes nursery registrant=samuel o estes jr registrant=samuel estes registrant=sam estes registrant=sam pollinationyear=2005 pollinationmonth=february pollinationmonth=feb pollinationmonth=05 pollinationmonth=5 registrationyear=2008 registrationmonth=august registrationmonth=aug registrationmonth=08 registrationmonth=8 status=registered
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Grex Description

Female Parent Description

Male Parent Description