The International Nepenthes Grex Registry

N. Little Apple ((ampullaria x' rafflesiana) x mirabilis var. globosa)

Grex Data

  • Female parent: N. x hookeriana (ampullaria x' rafflesiana)
  • Male parent: N. mirabilis var. globosa
  • Breeder: Lam Weng Ngai
  • Registrant: Lam Weng Ngai
  • Pollination date: 2007-12
  • Registration date: 2009-4
  • Status: Registered
grexname=Little Apple femaleparent=ampullaria x' rafflesiana femaleparent=hookeriana maleparent=mirabilis var. globosa maleparent=viking breeder=Lam Weng Ngai registrant=Lam Weng Ngai pollinationyear=2007 pollinationmonth=12 pollinationmonth=december pollinationmonth=dec registrationyear=2009 registrationmonth=04 registrationmonth=4 registrationmonth=april registrationmonth=apr status=registered
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Grex Description

Female Parent Description

Male Parent Description