The International Nepenthes Grex Registry

N. Dangnoi (mirabilis var. globosa x ampullaria 'Cantley's Red')

Grex Data

  • Female parent: N. mirabilis var. globosa
  • Male parent: N. ampullaria 'Cantley's Red'
  • Breeder: Suwarun Suphawut, NepenthesSiam
  • Registrant: Suwarun Suphawut, NepenthesSiam
  • Pollination date: 2007-11
  • Registration date: 2009-10
  • Status: Registered
  • Notes:
    • The grex name is from the Thai language and means
    • dang = Red
    • noi = Bright
    • dangnoi = Bright red
grexname=dangnoi femaleparent=mirabilis var. globosa femaleparent=globosa femaleparent=viking maleparent=ampullaria cantley's red maleparent=cantley's red breeder=suwarun suphawut breeder=suphawut breeder=nepenthessiam registrant=suwarun suphawut registrant=suphawut registrant=nepenthessiam pollinationyear=2007 pollinationmonth=11 pollinationmonth=november pollinationmonth=nov registrationyear=2009 registrationmonth=10 registrationmonth=october registrationmonth=oct status=registered
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Grex Description

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