The International Nepenthes Grex Registry

N. Courage (("thorelii" x maxima) x albomarginata)

Grex Data

  • Female parent: N.x rokko ("thorelii" x maxima)
  • Male parent: N. albomarginata
  • Breeder: Samuel O. Estes, Jr., Leilani Nepenthes Nursery
  • Registrant: Samuel O. Estes, Jr., Leilani Nepenthes Nursery
  • Pollination date: 2006-9-16
  • Registration date: 2009-10-21
  • Status: Registered
  • Notes:
    • The male parent is a dark form of N. albomarginata.

grexname=Courage femaleparent=("thorelii" x maxima) femaleparent="thorelii" x maxima femaleparent=thorelii x maxima femaleparent=x rokko femaleparent=rokko maleparent=albomarginata breeder=samuel o estes jr breeder=samuel estes breeder=sam estes breeder=estes breeder=leilani nepenthes nursery registrant=samuel o estes jr registrant=samuel estes registrant=sam estes registrant=sam pollinationyear=2006 pollinationmonth=september pollinationmonth=sep pollinationmonth=sept pollinationmonth=09 pollinationmonth=9 registrationyear=2009 registrationmonth=october registrationmonth=oct registrationmonth=10 status=registered
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