The International Nepenthes Grex Registry

N. Bella (bellii x spectabilis)

Grex Data

  • Female parent: N. bellii
  • Male parent: N. spectabilis
  • Breeder: Geoff & Andrea Mansell, Exotica Plants
  • Registrant: Geoff & Andrew Mansell, Exotica Plants
  • Pollination date: 1999-4-20
  • Registration date: 2008-7-6
  • Status: Registered
grexname=bella femaleparent=bellii maleparent=spectabilis breeder=mansell breeder=geoff mansell breeder=andrea mansell breeder=exotica plants registrant=mansell registrant=geoff mansell registrant=andrea mansell registrant=exotica plants pollinationyear=1999 pollinationmonth=4 pollinationmonth=04 pollinationmonth=april pollinationmonth=apr registrationyear=2008 registrationmonth=7 registrationmonth=07 registrationmonth=july registrationmonth=jul status=registered
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Grex Description

  • N. Bella

Female Parent Description

  • N. bellii

Male Parent Description

  • N. spectabilis