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Welcome to the International Nepenthes Grex Registry.

The INGR is a cooperative effort on behalf of Nepenthes breeders and enthusiasts to establish a consistent and practical system of record in the present day breeding of Nepenthes. A "grex" is defined as the progeny resulting from a single crossing of two genetically unique plants, species or hybrid, of the genus Nepenthes. The INGR establishes and implements a grex naming system as a means to accomplish its primary goal of recording and archiving the work of Nepenthes breeders around the world.


The INGR was established following an international forum conference that took place in the later months of 2007. Prior to this time, the only system of record available to Nepenthes breeders was the cultivar group system established in the 1970s and adopted by the ICPS. This system was almost universally rejected by conference participants and has basically been ignored since its inception, leaving breeders and nurseries to establish their own naming practices on an individual basis. The practices of Nepenthes breeders have enjoyed a resurgence of interest in recent years, but the lack of a consistent and practical system of record has resulted in much confusion and many inconsistencies in naming practices. The INGR seeks to establishes an international set of procedures and guidelines that will allow Nepenthes breeders from around the world to name and document their creations in a manner that is systematic and consistent.

Establishing an acceptable and practical system of naming and documentation, gaining the trust and support of independent minded nurserymen, designing simple and reasonable registration procedures, and bringing it all together with a practical and easily accessible user interface is not as simple as it sounds. Many confusing and difficult issues lie hidden in the practices of naming hybrid plants. Aside from questions of a practical nomenclature, there are issues of description: how much is required and of what kind. Of paramount importance is that the system gain the acceptance of those producing Nepenthes hybrids. A system that is perfect in logical conception is of little value if it does not gain the patronage of the breeders. Finally, a modern system of record must take full advantage of modern technologies and communication capabilities. It must be quick and relatively easy to use, and it must be available to an international community.

The INGR was established with its presentation at the Sarawak Nepenthes Summit in August of 2007 by Hans Breuer. This began a two-year period of preparation and transition to the new practices established by the system. The arts and science of Nepenthes breeding have not stood still in anticipation of a consistent international system of registry, and it would have been unreasonable to expect breeders and enthusiasts to meet impractical deaulines of registration and definition. The two-year transitional phase of the registry allowed breeders the opportunity to "grandfather-in" many of their recent creations.

Now that the transitional phase has ended, the registry stands as an independent, breeder oriented system governed by a five member Board of the Registry.

The INGR aspires to gain the participation of as many Nepenthes breeders around the world as possible. Although the INGR website is currently only available in English, we have plans for translations into multiple language .

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